We repair Turbos and recondition for the trade and public. The recondition process of a Turbocharger involves a complete unit strip down and clean to remove carbon. The rebuild is done using new parts it is then balanced and flow tested on our Turbo Technics VSFR Machine.

What causes Turbo Failure

Oil Contamination
Particles and debris in engine oil can cause wear on the components

Oil Starvation
A drop in oil pressure or delay in oil getting to the turbocharges can cause a starvation causing
failed parts in the Turbo. As a turbocharges shaft can rotate extremely rapidly it must be continually
lubricated .

A split boost pipe a sticking EGR or boost control valve can push the turbocharger beyond its limits.

Warning Signs of Turbo Failure

Check engine light
If the Turbo light comes on the car should not be driven talk to a professional first

Poor Acceleration
The car does not accelerate quickly, indicating a lack of boost

Loud shrieking Noise
The vehicle will emit a loud audible siren sound. Keep revs to a minimum and take
to your local specialist

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