BMW Mini Repairs in Grimsby pay us a visit.

The BMW Mini is such a fun car to drive! At Simon Thorpe Motor Services we will keep you on the road to enjoy that Mini Adventure without the worry of costly Mini servicing and repairs.

For a small car, the Mini packs in a lot of smart technologies to monitor its performance and keep you motoring in the safest possible way.

Mini Servicing

BMW Mini Servicing

In the workshop at Simon Thorpe Motor Services, we have the full range of diagnostic facilities used by our dealer trained and highly skilled technicians to provide the varying levels of service and repair to our customers, depending upon their needs and requirements.

All our Mini repairs and servicing are in accordance with the BMW Mini servicing schedules and specifications using only genuine or original specification parts. We can assure our customers that their BMW Mini vehicle warranty is being maintained whilst servicing is carried out at Simon Thorpe Motor Services.

Why not combine your BMW Mini Service with an MOT?

It’s a legal requirement to receive an MOT test for your vehicle every 12 months to ensure that your Mini is safe and roadworthy for UK roads. However, if your Mini is under 3 years old, you are not required to have an MOT performed. By regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicle this can help to reduce unfortunate breakdowns therefore, it can be a good idea to combine an MOT and service together. This saves you time and money having to arrange these separately.

We pride ourselves on BMW Mini customer service

We know that your Mini is your pride and joy, that’s why we will return it to you after some TLC of our own. You can take advantage of our free collection and delivery service or arrange a drop off and pick up from work, so you can get back to enjoying your Audi with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your daily life.

Contact us today to book your car in for a repair, service, MOT or new tyres on 01472 355520