Air Conditioning

Air conditioning inside a vehicle does more than keep it cool inside.

When working properly air conditioning helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and any air borne bacteria that are present, greatly improving the quality of air inside the vehicle.

Air con should be used frequently even in winter.  Without frequent use moisture can build up within the  air vent ducts and pipes.  This moisture can cause mould and bacteria to form which are then blown into the car when the system is restarted and can lead to strange smells in the vehicle .  When the coolant is not moved around this can lead to leaky seals this allows the coolant to seep away.

Problems arising from Faulty Air Con

  • Mould
  • Gas leak
  • Dirty Filter
  • Leak in cooling system
  • Excessive water condensation
  • Clogged aircon system
  • Uncontrolled bacteria growth

We can provide air conditioning repairs, services and re-gases for all makes, models and year of  cars/vans.

EU’s Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Directive
R1234yf  next generation refrigerant for automotive air conditioning, mandatory for new vehicles within the European Community since January 2011 and now applies to all vehicles.

Why is Refrigerant being Changed
The aim is to reduce the amount of harmful gases released into  the environment.   New type refrigerant  is 97% less potent  at trapping heat in the atmosphere, with the old refrigerant taking up to 10 years to break down into non harmful gases.  Taking the global warming potential (GWP) from 1340 down to 4.

Will I have to refit my old car

Although it is now mandatory to have your car filled with a refrigerant that is better for the environment the switch is easy.  Both refrigerants run on identical systems, therefore, there is no need to replace your old air con system.  Not sure what refrigerant your vehicle is using,  our certified air con technicians will be happy to advise.

Air Conditioning
Air conditioning
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